Spy Alley – The Game of Suspense and Intrigue

Spy_Alley_3It just occurred to me that I’ve never written about one of my favorite games we carry, Spy Alley. This Mensa Select game is not only fun, it’s challenging for the entire family. Using your secret spy identity, you try to collect all your game pieces from around the board before anyone guesses who you are. Sounds simple, but it’s deceptively intense, trust me!

Why I like it sooooo much?

  • Great for anybody in the family 8+ (I’m 33 and I love it)
  • It’s simple to learn, but not so simple that there’s no strategy involved
  • It takes memory, strategy, skill, and a little “poker faced” bluffing to win
  • It’s Mensa Select and has been tested in their rigorous qualification test

Why I don’t like it…

  • Sike. Did you read above ^^^^^ It’s awesome.

If you’re looking to add another game into your family’s game night rotation, I highly recommend Spy Alley.

Spy Ally Board Spy Ally Pieces

Lego Minifigures Series 13

Series 13

The long awaited release of Series 13 Minifigs have arrived! Check out the line up…

  • Alien Trooper
  • Carpenter
  • Classic King
  • Disco Diva
  • Egyptian Warrior
  • Evil Wizard
  • Fencer
  • Galaxy Trooper
  • Goblin
  • Hot Dog Man
  • Lady Cyclops
  • Paleontologist
  • Samurai
  • Sheriff
  • Snake Charmer
  • Unicorn Girl

What do kids do with them? Well, they collect and trade them to start with. Not to mention they’re totally awesome to add to sets. What would I do with them? I would use them to make my own “Lego Movie” with the Ogobild Animation kit, but that’s just me. :)

NFL Game Day Boardgame



It’s playoff season and everybody is in the football spirit, especially Learning Express. Check out the NFL Game Day Board Game! It’s a great game for ages 9+. This game teaches the basics of football using all 32 official NFL teams. The game is 2-4 players, making it a great party game to play during the big game, or sleepovers. Hurry in and get your copy of NFL Game Day, and get in the game! Be sure to check out our other cool football toys and games, too!

Magic Kit


Abracadabra! David Copperfield eat your heart out. Our newest Magician’s Set is hands down the best we’ve ever carried. There are 100 tricks to learn and entertain your family with. Not only do you get the tricks, but the box doubles as a suitcase to carry everything and a table to perform the tricks! Save $10 on this set for a limited time only! Learning Express also carries other magic kits from Melissa and Doug, and Scientific Magic kits from Scientific Explorer. Basically, we’ve got you covered if you’re shopping for that little entertainer in the family. Stop by Learning Express to get your Magician’s Trick Suitcase today!

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