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official-janod-logoOne of our newest (and best) vendors of 2014 is a French company called Janod. We tested a few of their products and immediately  knew they were for us. These classic style toys are sleek, elegant and fun.  The Janod range is filled with delightful wooden, eco-friendly and educational toys for babies, toddlers and older kids. From puzzles and blocks to trains, and magnetic playsets, you’ll find everything you need to make playtime stylish, unique and fun for your little ones.


One of my favorite toys from Janod is the magnetic rocket ship.  For little ones 18 months and up, this rocket made from wood, and comes apart into 5 pieces, so not only is it a fun toy rocket ship, but it’s a great 3D toddler puzzle.

Janod Princess Wall Stickers
Another fantastic toy that will give your child hours of playtime is the princess magnetic wall castle. The castle sticks to the wall and adds a great accent to the room. It comes with 30 reusable stickers to inspire storybook creativity.

Magnetibooks are probably one of the coolest lines from Janod. There’s a wide range of themes for boys and girls. Not only do kid get to be creative, but toys like the Alphabet Magnetibook allow kids to have fun with letters. The Magnetibooks are self contained for easy storage. Check out the video below of Magnetibooks, and hurry in to Learning Express to check out this great line of toys!

Falls Pointe Frozen Event

Today our Falls Pointe location was visited by none other than Elsa and Anna from Frozen. It was so much fun for us and I hope everyone who came had a blast. We had people from all over the triangle area and even from longer distances like Baltimore! There were many of our regular Falls Pointe customers, but also many new faces. Hopefully you enjoyed your experience with us.

Elsa AnnaSeveral people asked me why we did the event. That’s easy. We didn’t do it to make money. We did it because it was fun. We did it because we love making children happy. We loved seeing the looks on their faces when they saw the princesses. There were moments when we were actually concerned for Elsa’s makeup because she was tearing up at seeing their excitement. We loved seeing everybody in costumes running around the store and singing “Let it Go!” (I even caught several staff members chiming in). We loved being part of the experience.

Thank you to our staff, not just in Falls Pointe, but in all of our stores for helping us pull off the event. Thank you to “Elsa” and “Anna” for doing such an amazing job. Thank you to our owner who supported us and let us have whatever we asked for to make this happen. Most of all, a very sincere thank you to all the wonderful people who came out to the event today. You’re the reason we’re here. Thank you for letting us be a part of your family’s life. I’m looking forward to hearing stories and seeing pictures of everybody!


See you soon!

~ Clayton

PS, The princesses told me they had a great time, and that they would definitely be back soon!

Frozen Flyer

Come Chill With Elsa and Anna!

Mark your calendars for a special event at our Falls Pointe location. On August 23, both Anna and Elsa are coming all the way from Arendelle for a photo session and book signing!

  • 10am – 12pm
  • Event is FREE to everybody
  • No reservations necessary
  • Costumes are welcome. Come in your best royal attire!
  • FALLS POINTE LOCATION ONLY. More locations coming soon.
  • Don’t forget your cameras. Each family will have an opportunity to take a snap shot with the princesses.
  • Anna and Elsa will be signing autographs as well

Learning Express Falls Pointe

9660 Falls of Neuse Rd #130

Raleigh, NC 27615

Next To Harris Teeter

Frozen Flyer



Melissa and Doug To the Rescue

Since I’ve been at Learning Express there have been certain items that we have always carried and always will carry. They may seem boring after you’ve seen them everyday for years and years, and they usually get overlooked next to the “newest” and “greatest” toy of the season, but there’s a reason they are still around.

Melissa and Doug is a very popular brand these days. They have lots of great wooden toys, cool puppets, giant plush animals, and great arts and crafts, but there’s another line from Melissa and Doug that came to the rescue of our family. The Melissa and Doug Sticker and Coloring Pads!

My wife and I recently had our third child (like 2 days ago recently). Haven Titus Sticker PadsWe are so fortunate to have friends and family stop by, and it’s been great to see everybody, but I would like to send a special thanks to our close friends who showed up with a set of sticker pads and coloring books from Melissa and Doug to occupy Big Brother and Big Sister.

These little pads have kept our kids busy for hours while we tend to the new baby. They were the perfect gift to bring. They aren’t too big, the kids can do them by themselves, and they are super colorful.

If you are looking for that little something to bring to a birthday party, or a grandparent looking to occupy some kiddos while Mom and Dad are gone, or you want to bring a little something to a growing family, consider the Melissa and Doug sticker pads and coloring books.

It takes a village to raise a child…and stickers and coloring pads!



Cary, Raleigh, Durham – NC


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