Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaurs!

With everybody getting into the “Jurassic” mood, we thought we’d share a couple of our favorite toys and gifts dealing with our Dino Dudes.

Dino Puzzle Collage

1. Dino Puzzles

Learning Express carries 3 different styles of dino puzzles from Melissa and Doug. We have a 24 piece and two 48 piece floor puzzle sets. The pieces are large and easy for young kids to place together.

Dino Excavator Kit2. Dinosaur Skull Excavation

You’ve probably seen the dinosaur excavation kits before, or even the eggs where you crack’em open and out pops a dino. Those are great and we carry those, too, but the reason this kit makes the list is because not only do you get to excavate a dinosaur skull, you get a super cool stand to display it on! We have T-Rex and Triceratops skulls to choose from!

T-REX-SKELETON3. Full T-Rex Skeleton Model

This oversized 3 and a half ft model is great for the older paleontologist to learn about bone structure and fun T-Rex facts. Where are their bones found? What are some characteristics of T-Rex? This makes a great room decoration, too!

There are tons more dinosaur stuff at Learning Express, including books, stickers, tattoos, models, mini toys, bath toys, party favors, and more! Swing by today and pick up a gift for that special someone!

Natural Life Jewelry and Gifts

Learning Express Natural LifeNatural Life Jewelry is one of our most popular lines, especially for older girls and even moms. These products make great gifts for tweens, teens, moms, nannies, teachers, etc. Natural Life Jewelry is my favorite jewelry line Learning Express carries. We have wristlets, necklaces, earrings, bungalow art, charms and more!

Why we like it?

  • Stylish “Hippie Chic” look
  • Quality products that make “wow” gifts
  • The inspirational quotes on the product promote self confidence and a positive outlook on life!

What else do I like about Natural Life? I like their story. Watch the video below and be inspired by this great line!

Lucky Feather Jewelry

Sometimes finding something for a teenager or a tween can be difficult. That’s why Learning Express is proud to introduce our new line of jewelry for those older girls! Lucky Feather jewelry is a sleek, elegant line that offers lots of different selections of “fun gift jewelry.” Lucky Feather designs are stylish and high quality, but are also in the price range you need for a great gift!


Bottle NecklaceLearning Express carries a variety of styles. The Birthstone Bottle Necklaces are a great way to celebrate birth months. Each bottle contains a necklace with a birthstone charm, and a brief description of the stone.


Lucky Feather 1Another super popular style is the Initial Charm Necklaces. Mix and match with other Lucky Feather charms to make a stylish gift!


NC NecklaceOne of our best sellers is the North Carolina State charm. Show your “Tarheel Pride” with this simple, yet beautiful charm of our great state! (May not be available in all stores)

Life Hacks For Kid Survival – Must Have Toys For the Everyday Parent (Part 5 of 5)

Bubble WandWhether you have a 1 year old or a 6 year old, bubbles are always fun. If you have visited our stores you’ve porbably seen our awesome bubble wands outside. Learning Express carries so many cool styles of wands and bubbles! Why did something so simple make this “must have” list?

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to refill or replace
  • Great for Girls and Boys
  • Something parents don’t have to help with
  • Easy clean up

What bubbles do I suggest?

  • Bubble Wands – They’re great for making large bubbles and are easy for the kids to use. Plus, it comes with a recipe for making your own bubbles!
  • Touchable Bubbles – With these guys you can actually catch the bubble sin your hand and they won’t pop! Kids love stacking the bubbles up to see how many they can get at one time. Touchable Bubbles
  • No Spill Buckets – No spill bucket are awesome, especially for toddlers who are a little… “clumsy” with the bubble bucket. No Spill

Bubbles are such a great must have toy for the summer. Stop by Learning Express and see what we have today!

Check out our other Life Hacks for Kid Survival!

Cary, Raleigh, Durham – NC


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