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Lego Movie Minifigures Are Here!

71004-LEGO-Minifigures-movie SeriesJust in time too! The Lego Movie hits theaters February 7 and we couldn’t be more excited.  The new set includes…

  • Emmet, with his exclusive construction helmet
  • Wild West Wyldstyle
  • President Business
  • Scribble-Face Bad Cop
  • Marsha Queen of the Mermaids
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Velma Staplebot
  • William Shakespeare
  • Panda Guy
  • Gail the Construction Worker
  • Mrs. Scratchen-Post
  • Wiley Fusebot
  • Calamity Drone
  • Larry the Barista
  • Taco Tuesday Guy
  • “Where are my pants?” Guy

Not only do we have the minifigures, but Learning Express has Lego Movie building sets as well! Be sure to check out the new Lego Movie this weekend and afterwards head to Learning Express for the best Lego selection in town!

Go Crazy for Lego!

Lego Logo

All new Lego has arrived! We are currently carrying the best selection of all the hottest lines, so you’ll be sure to find something for the little architect in your life. From Heartlake City to a galaxy far, far away, Learning Express has got you covered. Check it out:

  • Legends of Chima
  • Lego Friends
  • Duplo
  • Lego Creator
  • Star Wars
  • Ninjago
  • Lego City

Series 9 Has Arrived!

Minifigures Series 9

The newest additions to the Lego universe are at Learning Express! Lego has really amped up the fun and whimsy on this set of minifigures. It’s easy to see why these guys are so popular. Who wouldn’t want a guy in a chicken suit for their collection? Or maybe that’s just me…either way, you’ll find someone perfect for you in this series. Check out the full list of characters below:

  • Hollywood Starlet, with award.
  • Roman Emperor, with proclamation.
  • Alien Avenger, with laser gun.
  • Forest Maiden, with arrow and sheild.
  • Plumber, with plunger.
  • Mermaid, with starfish.
  • Battle Mech, with spacesuit and helmet.
  • Roller Derby Girl, with helmet and rollerskates.
  • Waiter, with tray and bottle.
  • Fortune Teller, with tarot cards.
  • Judge, with gavel and wig.
  • Chicken Suit Guy, with a chicken suit!
  • Policeman, with handcuffs and ID badge.
  • Mr. Good and Evil, with a flask of potion.
  • Heroic Knight, with helmet, sword and shield.
  • Cyclops, with club.


16 New Reasons to Love Lego

Series 8 is here! Everyone at Learning Express loves a good minifigure, which is why we’re particularly excited over this batch. Who’s your favorite? Mine is definitely the actor! Or maybe it’s the Alien Villainess…It’s almost too tough to decide! This new batch of kooky and cute characters are impossible to resist. Series 8 is also the last shipment of minifigures until the end of the year, so hurry in today! They make great stocking stuffers or “just because” presents. Check out the full list of characters below:

  • The Actor, with skull.
  • The Bavarian, with pretzel.
  • The Conquistador, with rapier.
  • The Cowgirl, with lasso.
  • The Diver, with harpoon.
  • The DJ, with a record and a record case.
  • The Evil Robot, with a ray gun.
  • The Alien Villainess, with a laser gun.
  • The Fairy, with wings and a wand.
  • The Football Player, with golden trophy.
  • The Pirate Captain, with a hook and sword.
  • The Red Cheerleader, with pom poms
  • Santa, with his sack of toys,
  • The Skier, with skis
  • The Businessman, with a suitcase and newspaper.
  • The Vampire Bat, sporting some lovely bat wings.

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