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Shopkins Series 2


Shopkins are super cool new collectible toys for ages 5+. There are 148 grocery store-themed characters for kids to collect, share, and trade. Each Shopkins pack contains a shopping bag and a hand basket, which can be used to tote around lots of Shopkins friends. There are different types of Shopkins….

  • toiletries
  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • frozen foods
  • bakery items

Learning Express has the blind 2 packs, as well as the super cool 12 pack, which contains 10 Shopkins and 2 surprise Shopkins inside! If you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll get a special limited edition Shopkins!

Why they’re cool…

  • Their great design makes pretend play easy and fun
  • There are lots of different ones to choose from
  • There are cool cartoon episodes on youtube so kids can see their favorite characters in action
  • They make great pretend accessories for 12 inch dolls, adding another level of play
  • They’re not just collectibles, they actually have cool accessories so kids can use their imagination

2015 is the year of the Shopkin. Swing by Learning Express to pick up your pack on the way to your next birthday party. They also make great party favors and gift toppers!


Robot Turtles Game

Robot Turtles Game

Introducing Robot Turtles! The New game from Think Fun that teaches kids basic coding concepts.  Robot Turtles is a such a hit, it is the most backed boardgame in Kickstarter history!

The Basics

Robot Turtles provides brain development and computer programming skills to kids as young as 4+ . Players dictate where their turtles go and tell their programmer (the adult) where to move them. The object is to move your turtle to the jewel on the gameboard. The trick? Players can’t touch their turtles, they have to visualize their path.

Why We Like It

  • Makes kids use their noggins
  • Easy to learn, and engages the entire family
  • Has many different levels of play, so the game can grow with the child
  • It has turtles….I mean that counts for something. :)

Robot Turtle 2


Kidz Bop 27



The long awaited release is here at last! Kidz Bop 27 has arrived and features some of the greatest hits of popular music sung by kids, for kids. Check out these sweet tracks!

  • Shake it Off
  • All About that Bass
  • Fancy
  • Boom Clap
  • Rude
  • Problem
  • Am I Wrong
  • Maps
  • Really Don’t Care
  • Latch
  • Break Free
  • Cool. Kids
  • Shower
  • Rather Be
  • Say Something (Live)

Learning Express will be rockin’ the Kidz Bop for sure! Hop on board with bus with all the cool kids and get your copy of Kidz Bop 27 today!

Spy Alley – The Game of Suspense and Intrigue

Spy_Alley_3It just occurred to me that I’ve never written about one of my favorite games we carry, Spy Alley. This Mensa Select game is not only fun, it’s challenging for the entire family. Using your secret spy identity, you try to collect all your game pieces from around the board before anyone guesses who you are. Sounds simple, but it’s deceptively intense, trust me!

Why I like it sooooo much?

  • Great for anybody in the family 8+ (I’m 33 and I love it)
  • It’s simple to learn, but not so simple that there’s no strategy involved
  • It takes memory, strategy, skill, and a little “poker faced” bluffing to win
  • It’s Mensa Select and has been tested in their rigorous qualification test

Why I don’t like it…

  • Sike. Did you read above ^^^^^ It’s awesome.

If you’re looking to add another game into your family’s game night rotation, I highly recommend Spy Alley.

Spy Ally Board Spy Ally Pieces