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Falls Pointe Frozen Event

Today our Falls Pointe location was visited by none other than Elsa and Anna from Frozen. It was so much fun for us and I hope everyone who came had a blast. We had people from all over the triangle area and even from longer distances like Baltimore! There were many of our regular Falls Pointe customers, but also many new faces. Hopefully you enjoyed your experience with us.

Elsa AnnaSeveral people asked me why we did the event. That’s easy. We didn’t do it to make money. We did it because it was fun. We did it because we love making children happy. We loved seeing the looks on their faces when they saw the princesses. There were moments when we were actually concerned for Elsa’s makeup because she was tearing up at seeing their excitement. We loved seeing everybody in costumes running around the store and singing “Let it Go!” (I even caught several staff members chiming in). We loved being part of the experience.

Thank you to our staff, not just in Falls Pointe, but in all of our stores for helping us pull off the event. Thank you to “Elsa” and “Anna” for doing such an amazing job. Thank you to our owner who supported us and let us have whatever we asked for to make this happen. Most of all, a very sincere thank you to all the wonderful people who came out to the event today. You’re the reason we’re here. Thank you for letting us be a part of your family’s life. I’m looking forward to hearing stories and seeing pictures of everybody!


See you soon!

~ Clayton

PS, The princesses told me they had a great time, and that they would definitely be back soon!

New Lego Guardians

NEW 2014 Lego Has Arrived!

New Lego GuardiansAugust means hot weather and back to school, and it’s also the time of year when Learning Express gets the largest order of NEW Lego! This year’s releases are super awesome and include…

  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Friends
  • Star Wars
  • Chima
  • Ninjago
  • City
  • Marvel and DC Super Heroes
  • New Duplo

Learning Express is the best place to get the newest Lego, and the best is yet to come. The Star Wars Cantina set is still on it’s way! Swing in on the way to your next birthday party and take advantage of our FREE gift wrapping!


Melissa and Doug To the Rescue

Since I’ve been at Learning Express there have been certain items that we have always carried and always will carry. They may seem boring after you’ve seen them everyday for years and years, and they usually get overlooked next to the “newest” and “greatest” toy of the season, but there’s a reason they are still around.

Melissa and Doug is a very popular brand these days. They have lots of great wooden toys, cool puppets, giant plush animals, and great arts and crafts, but there’s another line from Melissa and Doug that came to the rescue of our family. The Melissa and Doug Sticker and Coloring Pads!

My wife and I recently had our third child (like 2 days ago recently). Haven Titus Sticker PadsWe are so fortunate to have friends and family stop by, and it’s been great to see everybody, but I would like to send a special thanks to our close friends who showed up with a set of sticker pads and coloring books from Melissa and Doug to occupy Big Brother and Big Sister.

These little pads have kept our kids busy for hours while we tend to the new baby. They were the perfect gift to bring. They aren’t too big, the kids can do them by themselves, and they are super colorful.

If you are looking for that little something to bring to a birthday party, or a grandparent looking to occupy some kiddos while Mom and Dad are gone, or you want to bring a little something to a growing family, consider the Melissa and Doug sticker pads and coloring books.

It takes a village to raise a child…and stickers and coloring pads!



6 Reasons2

6 Reasons to Shop at Learning Express Falls Pointe

Cam Hoberman Edit

In 2013 we opened our 4th location in the triangle area, Learning Express at Falls Pointe. We thought it would be a good idea to highlight how awesome our newest family edition is and why you should check them out. Ready to count them down?

6. We are just minutes from communities like Wakefield, Bedford, Falls River and other North Raleigh neighborhoods. Even Wake Forest is an easy drive.

5. We support the local schools around us with donations to silent auctions. Being a part of the community is something Learning Express is all about. We actually started in a schoolhouse and we understand that at the end of the day, your kids are the important thing. That’s why our mantra is “Making the next generation better, one gift at a time.”

4. We have a great sales team who are dedicated to serving you. The best part of a sale is knowing that you listened to what the customer needed, found the best gift for their budget, and delivered an awesome experience. You can have “one on one” time with our toy experts, but if you just want to check things out for yourself we’re here if you have any questions.

3. We have the best selection of quality toys and gifts in the triangle. Our wide variety and product selection is unmatched, especially when it comes to trends. From Rainbow Loom to Beanie Boos, Learning Express carries the most styles.

2. We have FREE GIFT WRAPPING! Yeah, it’s 10:15, the party started at 10:00. You’re in a hurry. We get it, and we got your back. We have the choices for gift wrapping than anywhere else, and we’ll have it for you in no time! We train our staff to get it done right, and get it done quickly so you can be on your way.

1. The experience. What makes our store different than the others? The fact that you can come into a bright, vibrant atmosphere with friendly people. We have toy demos everywhere! You’ve probably seen kids riding on Plasma cars, shooting Z Curve bows, playing with dollhouses, or Kinetic Sand. It’s a great place to be. We have Fun Fairs every Saturday, and even have a super secret event coming soon. Not to give away too much, or should I say “Let it Go,” but we’re expecting a few very special guests and we’re practically “Frozen” with excitement. :)

Thank you so much for shopping local and supporting us in our first year in our newest location. Stop by today and see for yourself why Learning Express is the #1 toy store in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.