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New Kendamas!

Ken what? Kendama!!! It’s a Japanese skill toy that is really starting to take off at Learning Express. You may have seen some of these stylish toys in our team members hands over the last few months. To sweeten the deal, we just got new Kendamas including Metallic, Neon, and Striped Kendamas. Yeah, they’re pretty awesome.

So why is Kendama so popular? Well, for starters it’s excellent for hand eye coordination. In addition, it really helps children with their focus, balance, patience, and challenges them to try new tricks to reach new skill levels. We really like Kendama and the positive attitude that it encourages among players. Kendama is all about having fun and getting kids to put down the video controller. Check out this article from the Pittsburgh Tribune.

The question we are always asked is “what age kid plays Kendama?” Generally kids 7 or 8 and up. Some kids really have great coordination and can really do some amazing tricks. We have a skill sheet that can start kids off with a few basic tricks, and after that  it’s all about creativity and skill! Our staff would be happy to teach them a few tricks as well. Stay tuned for updates on this hot toy. Until then, keep playing and enjoy this video from Damafest 2011!