16 New Reasons to Love Lego

Series 8 is here! Everyone at Learning Express loves a good minifigure, which is why we’re particularly excited over this batch. Who’s your favorite? Mine is definitely the actor! Or maybe it’s the Alien Villainess…It’s almost too tough to decide! This new batch of kooky and cute characters are impossible to resist. Series 8 is also the last shipment of minifigures until the end of the year, so hurry in today! They make great stocking stuffers or “just because” presents. Check out the full list of characters below:

  • The Actor, with skull.
  • The Bavarian, with pretzel.
  • The Conquistador, with rapier.
  • The Cowgirl, with lasso.
  • The Diver, with harpoon.
  • The DJ, with a record and a record case.
  • The Evil Robot, with a ray gun.
  • The Alien Villainess, with a laser gun.
  • The Fairy, with wings and a wand.
  • The Football Player, with golden trophy.
  • The Pirate Captain, with a hook and sword.
  • The Red Cheerleader, with pom poms
  • Santa, with his sack of toys,
  • The Skier, with skis
  • The Businessman, with a suitcase and newspaper.
  • The Vampire Bat, sporting some lovely bat wings.

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