3, 2, 1…


…Blast off! Are you ready to soar to space? Well, we don’t have any spaceships, but Learning Express can help get you close with these awesome Flash Rockets. This super cool gift is easy to assemble and includes sticker decals for decoration. Designed for kids 10+, we’re currently stocking a variety of models, as well as their accessories.

Ted, the manager of our Durham location, had this to say about this sweet product:

“When we first received these in the store, I knew right away I was going to buy one for my 11 yr old son. I have also seen other dads come in and buy them for their sons, but I think they might actually be getting it as much for themselves as the kids. What better way to get some awesome father/son time than launching something hundreds of feet in the air and watching it parachute back down? And then doing it again and again?”

Soar on in today!

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