Birthday Wish Box

What is it?

A unique gift registry where kids can come in and create a box with things they would like for their birthday.

How it Works

  1. Kids come in and tell a team member they want to create a wish box.
  2. Kids go around the store and fill the bucket with things they would like for their birthday.
  3. Parents snap a picture of the child with their wish box and post on social media to tell friends and family.


  • Gives parents ideas for presents
  • Super fun for kids
  • Fast for friends and family to run in, grab a gift, and get it wrapped.
  • Even if you're doing donations instead of gifts, you can make a "birthday donation box."




sidewalk sign birthday

First off, what is it?  The Birthday Wish Box is a unique gift registry program where kids can come in and pick out things they would like for their birthday. Then we put it all in a box and parents and families can come shop out of the box. (Not to Be confused with our Gift Baskets)

Birthday Wish Boxes are designed to make it easier on those parents who needed to be at the party 30 minutes ago and they don’t have a gift. They come in and say “I need to see ___________’s Wish Box please.” They can grab a gift in their price range, pay for it, have it wrapped for free, and be out the door in less than 10 min. Sometimes grandparents are shopping from out of town. Just tell them to call us and we can help them pick something out over the phone!

Usually Wish Boxes are made 2 weeks before the party. After the party, we'll call you to let you know if there are any gifts left before we take the bucket down.


  • Quick
  • Easy on parents
  • Fun for the kids
  • Eliminates duplicate gifts
  • All gifts are 100% returnable, even without a receipt!
  • Teaches kids the joy of giving!


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