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Boogie Board – LCD Writing Tablet

Say Goodbye to Paper!

At Learning Express we believe that everyone should do their part in making our world a more eco-friendly place to live and we have just the toy to help!  It’s called the Boogie Board.  The Boogie Board is a light weight LCD writing tablet that can be used in the office, at school, and at home.  Come on in and check it out for yourself. 

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    • Hey Emily, thanks for your comment! The version we carry doesn’t have a memory chip. It’s more for doodling during car rides, or while parents are making dinner, etc. They do make a version that has a memory feature, but it’s considerably more expensive (about 3 times more). We’ve had some great feedback on these. Parents feel safer about letting their children play with this as opposed to a more expensive tablet. If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask, or stop by one of our stores.

      – Clayton

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