Buy Lego Batman Movie Mini Figures

Learning Express Toys & Gifts has the best selection of mini figures in the USA !! We have the previous 5 releases of mini figures in stock!  This is more than any other retailer.  Seriously, the Lego Store sends customers to us!!  😀 Please come see our large selection of all Lego including Friends & … Continue reading Buy Lego Batman Movie Mini Figures

iMagic Learning Express

Marvin’s iMagic – New Magic Kit For Smartphones

Hello Raleigh/Durham! Thanks so much for checking out our blog. We try to post about the newest, coolest toys in our Learning Express stores. Today's post is for our awesome new magic kit, Marvin's iMagic! It's a magic kit that uses the technology of your smartphone to perform mind boggling tricks! This is the perfect … Continue reading Marvin’s iMagic – New Magic Kit For Smartphones

Thinking Putty Learning Express

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

Toys have definitely "evolved" over the last decade. Remember silly putty? Of course the classic silly putty is still around, but have you seen Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty? This stuff is awesome! It's like silly putty, but it does so many different things...Hyper-color changing, glow in the dark, see through, and some you can even … Continue reading Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty