CyberFire Football!

CyberFire is the most amazing illumination concept ever to hit the market! Utilizing a very special retro reflective fabric and a pair of LED glasses within a specific spectrum range, one can illuminate these objects not just during the night, but even in broad daylight! But the most amazing feature of this is that only the participants wearing the glasses can see the effects. without the CyberFire LED glasses, you will see no illumination effects. The balls look like they are glowing – up to almost 200 feet away! You can also make the balls change color from green to red with the simple flick of a switch.

“This toy has one of the best WOW factors of any outdoor toy I’ve ever seen. It’s a great price and is appropriate for a large age range. It’s fun to see staff and customers get so excited when they try it out. I mean, it’s a ball that glows like it’s on fire when you put the LED glasses on: that’s cool!”

Clayton [LE Durham]

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