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eclipse glasses


BEWARE OF IMITATION GLASSES! With the popularity of the solar eclipse glasses there are lots of knock offs out there. Check out this article from USA Today on how to spot the fake glasses vs the real NASA approved ones! If you already purchased yours from us, know that we are 100% confident that ours were real. Both of the shipments we have were from NASA approved vendors. BE SAFE and happy viewing!

Are you ready for the eclipse on August 21, 2017??? Learning Express has you covered. Check out our cool new eclipse glasses. Since you can’t look directly at the eclipse, you can use these cool eclipse glasses. “Can I just use sunglasses?” Nope. Sunglasses do not provide adequate protection for viewing. These guys are super inexpensive and for only $2.99 you’re better safe than sorry. Pick up your pair today and check out this cool link from NASA on the eclipse! And for more info on our stock availability, check our Instagram and Facebook pages!

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