Feather Hair Extensions!

$9.99 per feather

Feather Hair Extensions are one of the hottest fashion trends of 2011!  You’ve probably seen celebrities like Steven Tyler and Selena Gomez sporting brightly-colored feathers in their hair.  We have a great selection of feathers in a variety of colors: pink, purple, turquoise, green, red, and natural browns and tans. 

Our feathers are natural and can withstand heat up to 400 degrees!  That means you can wash them, blow-dry them, curl them, straighten them, or do anything to them that you would do to your own hair and they can stay in your hair for up to two months!

Visit our CARY STORE today to get yours!

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  1. I just love these feathers they look so great in my hair. I would recommend for anyone. I really like how easy they are to maintain. I just do everything like I usually do to my hair and my feathers. They make me happy!!

  2. The new feathers look SO awesome! 🙂 There are sooo many colors to choose from. Definitely a must have to back to school!

  3. Lots of colorful feathers are in stock now. We have cool new tie dyed feathers along with neon bang feathers. Its an awesome back to school accessory. Come check them out!

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