Feeling Perplexed?

Perplexus is one of the most addictive and coolest puzzles at Learning Express. So what is it? Perplexus is a maze in a ball, filled with tons of traps, twists and turns to snag your child’s attention (or yours!) for hours. Guide the silver ball through the maze and see how far you can get, but watch out! If the ball falls off the track, you’ll have to start all over again. Perplexus is so much fun you’ll be unable to put it down! Which Perplexus is right for you?

  • Perplexus: The original Perplexus is a classic, with 100 barriers and is 6+. It may be the oldest of Perplexus puzzles, but don’t underestimate it. I’m still stuck on it!
  • Perplexus Twist: Twist and turn your way through the newest addition to the Perplexus family. Solve the puzzle, but be careful. Gameplay changes as you twist your way out of 30 different deadends and drops. 6+
  • Perplexus Epic: They don’t call it “epic” for nothing! This level has 125 barriers (including a see saw!) and is 8+. How far can you get?

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