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The Best Gifts for the Holidays

Holiday shopping can be tough sometimes. You have a million people to shop for, but you have no idea what anyone wants. Well, look no further. We have created a gift guide and broken it into 8 categories (music, girl power, sports, adventure, books, and more) to help make your shopping days easier. The best part about the gift guide is the fact that we also offer complimentary gift wrapping to keep shopping simple for you!

Bonus:  Here is a local therapy company that visited our North Hills store to give you additional ideas.  There is their .pdf for additional ideas Gift Guide Therapy


1. A Sing- Along Microphone for the karaoke extraordinaire.


The Singalong Pro Dual Speaker Karaoke Microphone is a portable, Bluetooth microphone that gets friends and family together for a great time!

“I have never had so much fun with what I thought was a kid’s toy in my life. We all got around the fireplace and had fun singing Christmas carols over Thanksgiving.” -Michelle Prevatte

Get this microphone for $39.99.

2. A Rock n Roll Piano for the instrument fanatic


Featuring 49 standard keys, multiple keyboard tones to choose from, loads of demo songs to inspire creativity, a built-in speaker, and record and playback buttons for documenting your skills and your progress.

Get this for $59.99, and gift wrapping is always complimentary!


1. Squishies are a cute gift for the fidget needs in all of us.


You squish ’em, you collect ’em, and you play with ’em. And they are a stylish way to have a fidget toy.

Prices vary from $3.99 to $17.99.

2. A Logo Loop is the most stylish way to keep your hair back.


Keep your hair back with a stylish headband that has remained a top seller for years. These headbands are durable, reliable and for all ages.

Grab this hot item for $14.99.

3. The DIY Bath Bomb kit is the best gift for the prettiest bath time bubbles.52582099_Alt01

The bath bomb phenomenon has hit… but now you can make your own. Craft a variety of bath bombs and watch them fizz in the tub.

ON SALE now for $11.99.

4. The Rock Painting Kit is a fun way to generate kindness.


Pick a rock, decorate it, and display it for all to see…or you can hide it around town to spread positivity. These rocks are a hit and an amazing way to teach positive thinking. #kindnessrocks

All yours for $14.99.


1. The Bulzi Bucket is an indoor/outdoor renovated hacky sack game that is sweeping across the nation.


BULZiBUCKET is bringing Hacky Sack to a new level!  With 3 Tiers of scoring, partner assists, money bags and collapsable design. BULZiBUCKET brings a new gaming experience unlike anything on the market.

Hours of fun can be yours for $59.99. 

2. An Ogo Sports Disk to focus on hand-eye coordination while having fun. 


The Ogo Sports Disk functions as a hand trampoline for balls, and it is a hit for outdoor and indoor fun.

The Ogo Sports set retails for $29.99.

3. A portable version of basketball is now available thanks to the Super Slam Basketball.


Super Slam is a portable and easy-to-use way to duel your friends in finger basketball. You are guaranteed to have fun with this awesome game.

ON SALE now for $19.99. Originally $29.99.

4. ProSurface Swingball is bringing back childhood memories for parents all around town.


Reminisce on your childhood days with a new portable way to play Swingball. Come into any of our stores to see this game on demo, and have some fun!

Bring the playground to your backyard for $79.99.

5. The Air Powered Soccer Ball is an indoor way to get your soccer on. 


Want to play soccer in the house without making a mess? Here is the best solution for that…an air powered soccer disk!!

Get this for $24.99.

6. The Spin Ball is the newest nightime glowing sensation.


Spin balls allow you to take two glowing balls and create all sorts of designs in the air. All of your neighborhood friends will be dying to get one, too.

All yours for $24.99.


1. Magic Tracks are the easiest way to play with cars.


One of the most versatile and easy to use car tracks on the market. The cars are battery powered and race around the track without having to be pushed. You can enjoy these cars by wrapping a track around your Christmas tree and MORE.

Get building for $19.99.

2. The Laser X Tag is an on-the-go laser tag adventure for the whole neighborhood.


Laser Tag can now be created in your home and outdoors with Laser X. Laser X is a fun action game that gets everyone on their feet.

Get it for $49.99. 

3. Eagle Zipline 90ft-


Soar through the sky with our Eagle Zipline. We don’t need to say anymore for you to have fun!

Originally $179.99, but now only $139.99.

4. The Dream Catcher Swing lets you soar through the sky in a fun, new way.


Hang this swing from a tree or post and soar through the sky.

Originally $129.99, but ON SALE now for $99.99.

5. A Dart Board Doink It takes indoor darts to a whole new level.


Do your kids love dart boards? Is a regular dart board too dangerous? The Doink It Dart Board is the perfect fit for you because the darts are magnetic. No more holes in your walls!!

Get this for $29.99.

6. Scooters by Kickboard are the best scooters on the market.


These scooters exceed all of our scooter expectations. They use two wheels in the front to help with stability and are the most durable scooters we have seen.

Maxi scooter can be yours for $139.99.

7. The Ninja Line Set was designed for the adventure in you.


Get this now for $99.99, and enjoy complimentary gift wrapping on anything in the store.

8. Plasma Cars have been a best seller for years.


Plasma Cars have been a Learning Express favorite for years. Scoot around the neighborhood with these stylish cars, and you can even have them personalized with a name for free!

Get this ON SALE now for $49.99.


1. Goodnight Rebel Girl is one of the most inspiring children’s book on the market.


This book is about some of the women that were considered “rebel girls” and defied the odds to make a difference in this world. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls is the perfect bedtime book for girls who want to change the world.

Get this for $35.00.

2. Only One You was created by a North Carolina author, and this story will surely warm your heart.


North Carolina author Linda Kranz created this book to inspire kids to understand that they are unique. This book pairs well with the Rock Painting gift as it was an inspiration for the book.

Buy your copy for $12.95.


1. Squishies could be the new Hatchimals.


Squish ’em, watch them grow, and collect ’em. These cute squishies are a hit in school now.

Prices vary.

2. Lego Minifigures are a timeless gift that everyone loves.


Fill a stocking with Lego minifigures, and kids can trade them for years.

Prices vary.


1. Funtime Tractor is a top seller for baby toys.


Push down and watch it go. Noises, fun and more.

ON SALE now for $29.99. 

2. Spin AgaingetDynamicImage.aspx.jpeg

A fun, educational way to get babies and toddlers playing.

Get this for $29.99.

3. The Y Bike is good way to get your little ones rolling along. 


The Y Bike helps children learn to walk and learn stability all at the same time. These are a hot item on the market, and you are welcome to see what they look like in our store anytime!!

Get this for $59.99.


1. The Star Cube takes Rubiks cubes to a whole new level.


A fun way to solve puzzles at your fingertips. This is the perfect gift for $14.99.

2. The Boogie Board is a new sustainable way to have fun drawing.


Boogie Boards have been a hit for several years. For children, these are an easy way to draw and create new ideas. For adults, you can create to-do lists, grocery lists, and more. Therefore, these are an ideal gift for all ages!

Prices vary.

3. The Rubiks Cube is a timeless on-the-go game that requires concentration and fast fingers. 


The Rubiks Cube is a timeless game that brings back so many childhood memories. Grab one for your kids, and it’ll keep them occupied for those holiday car rides.

Prices vary.

Have a wonderful holiday season!


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