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Holiday shopping can be tough sometimes. You have a million people to shop for, but you have no idea what anyone wants. Well, look no further. We have created a gift guide and counted down from 10 to 1 to help make your shopping days easier. The best part about the gift guide is the fact that we also offer complimentary gift wrapping to keep shopping simple for you!


Wearing the 4ocean Bracelet instantly identifies you as a member of the clean ocean movement. It acts as a reminder to curb your consumption of single-use plastic and symbolizes your commitment to a plastic-free ocean. Every bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines.

iTouch PlayZoom Kids Smartwatch comes with features such as a camera, video, voice recorder, fun learning & active games, photo effects, sound animations, stopwatch, alarm, timer, calendar and so much more! Connect it to your computer to download pictures and videos. The PlayZoom does not connect to a cellular device and is kid safe!

Build a tower of soft, foam blocks on top of the KaBlocks launch pad, jump on to the stomping pad and watch them fly everywhere! KaBlocks are a fun way to let kids practice their stacking and learn simple physics. Children will use fine motor skills to carefully stack each of the soft foam blocks and then use gross motor skills to hop on to the stomp pad and send them flying. Watching the blocks jump up and tumble down will teach children basic concepts of gravity.

Children will develop gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they hit the Swingball tennis ball with their paddles. They will build social skills and self-esteem as they play with friends and family. It’s an exciting competitive sport for the whole family! Ages 4+.

Choose your color, pick your battle and bounce in to win! Place the game cube squarely on a solid table or floor. Position yourself very close to the cube on the opposite side of your opponent (closer bounces are easier). Play solo, multiplayer, 1-on-1, teams or tournament style. Get creative and have fun.

Players: 1+ players

Dozens of ways to battle!


3D Tic-Tac-Toe Battle: Be the first to bounce three sets of three balls in-a-row in any direction.

Bird’s Eye Tic-Tac-Toe Battle: Be the first to get three balls in-a-row as seen from above the cube; only the top balls in any space count.

Lucky 13 Battle: Be the first to bounce 13 balls into any location in the cube.

Great Wall Battle: Be the first to bounce nine balls into the wall closest to you.

Point Ball Battle: Be the first to score 21 points. Three balls per turn.

War Chest Battle: Bounce all 27 balls into the cube in the least amount of attempts or time.

Alphabet Soup Battle: Be the first to bounce balls in the form of a chose letter or shape on any horizontal, vertical or diagonal level.

Nine Cup Battle: Be the first to land in each of the nine spaces (or “cups”). Two balls per turn. Remove duplicate balls from cups.

Level Out Battle: Bounce the most balls into any two horizontal levels (five balls win the lower and middle level).

H-O-R-S-E (Trick Shot) Battle: Be the only player to not spell “HORSE.” Players receive a letter when they fail to match the original trick shot. Place the cube anywhere and bounce from any location.

Rock and roll your way through all the colors of the rainbow with this beautiful piano and drum set!

The Rainbow Piano features 49 standard keys, multiple keyboard tones to choose from, loads of demo songs to inspire creativity, a built-in speaker, and record and playback buttons for documenting your skills and your progress. Vibrant and wonderfully portable, the Rock and Roll It Rainbow Piano is a bright and colorful way to inspire a lifetime love of music-making.

Learn to play the drums with the Rock and Roll It SpecDrum. It is perfect for beginners to rock out and then roll it up! The color coded set makes it easy to learn with the included music book. The SpecDrum features a flexible, roll-up design, battery and USB power options (cord included), and audio input/output (headphones included) for fun, portable, on-the-go rock sessions!

Hang, swing, train, and play with the Slackers NinjaLine Obstacle Kit! With seven different obstacles, there are options suitable for every skill level for endless fun. Designed for quick installation, it can be easily transported for Ninja training wherever you go. Includes slackline, seven obstacles, and storage bag.

You can uncover lots of surprises with L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls! These collectible mini baby dolls (and pets!) come in blind packaging and are wrapped in layers of plastic. As kids peel away the layers one by one, they discover new and exciting accessories before finally unwrapping the final layer and discovering the doll itself. The suspense of discovering each layer only adds to the fun, and that mystery stays fresh with every doll unwrapped. Get them before they’re gone! 

Cosmic Mini Golf – 5 Hole
  • FUN FOR ALL AGES: Get the family together or group of buddies for birthday party to play a round of miniature golf in 5 hole course. Play independently too!
  • BIG CREATIVE LAYOUT & OBSTACLES: Each hole will have fun challenging, obstacles such as tunnels, ramps, zig zags, and moving obstacles such as the traditional Windmill. Mat is wrinkle resistant green felt – dimensions 72” x 90” Includes attractive 1 putter, 2 Neon balls and storage bag.
  • UNLIMITED HOLE DESIGNS: Flexible layout with multiple configurations and ability to set up holes around your home on carpet.
  • HOT TREND NEON GLOW GOLF: Our entire kit including obstacles, holes, track border, and are made with neon colors that glow under black lights (sold separately) so you can enjoy glow-in-the-dark golf.

Each player receives a Genius Square grid (two are included) and a set of nine coloured shapes, plus seven ‘blocker’ pieces. Roll all seven of the dice together and place a ‘blocker’ piece into the squares matching the seven co-ordinates that appear on the dice. Now race your opponent to fill every other space on the grid using the nine shapes.

As soon as somebody finishes first, roll the dice and play again! You can play alone and challenge yourself against the clock!

For the largest selection of toys and gifts this holiday season, stop by your nearest Learning Express today! Have a wonderful holiday season!

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