Have you seen Kendama?  It’s an extremely addictive skill toy from Japan that strengthens hand-eye coordination, balance, and reflex. 

The Kendama is made up of the “Ken” (handle) and the “Tama” (ball), which are connected by a string.  Tricks are done by juggling the ball in the 3 cups, spiking the ball on the Ken spike, and balancing in new creative ways.  Mastering the Kendama takes practice, focus, patience, and creativity.

These guys are amazing.  My favorite part is around 2:50 – that back-hand spike is incredible!

Learning Express stores in Georgia have been selling hundreds of Kendamas a week for the past few months and once you watch some videos and see how cool this toy is, it’s easy to see why. 

 If you haven’t played yet, pick one up and give it a try but be warned, it’s really hard to stop once you start.

We’ve got a lot of Kendama on order and we will have them in our stores soon! 

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  1. I think this is going to be really fun and a big hit! Everyone should try it out and be able to do it so we can show customers and not have a “fail” 🙂

    Amy from Raleigh

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