Laser X Laser Tag

Laser X at Learning Express

Remember Laser Tag from the 80’s and how awesome it was? Well…it’s back and better than before! Laser X is the hottest new laser game at Learning Express. Each laser blaster can accurately shoot up to 200ft! That’s like 2/3 the length of a football field. Each set comes with 2 blasters and chest harnesses. It’s simple to play.

  • Connect your blaster to your chest harness
  • Turn the power on
  • Switch between blue team or red team…or go ROGUE! 🙂
  • Aim towards your opponents chest piece and let it rip!

You can play indoors or outdoors, but remember, the infrared lasers work best when it’s not interrupted by bright sunlight. That means night time fun! Come check out the Laser X game at Learning Express and watch the videos below to learn more!

And for those of us who loved the 80’s, here’s a little bit of nostalgia for you, but be careful, you might be tempted to go down the Youtube Vortex and watch all the old school commercials! (Kids…ask your parents. This was the coolest game to have back in the day.) #lasertag #originalhungergames 🙂


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