Life Hacks For Kid Survival – Must Have Toys For the Everyday Parent (Part 1 of 5)

SurfWith all the toys for you to choose for your kids, there are some that are must haves, staples in every house, i.e. having them makes your life a little easier. I thought I would compile a list of my family’s TOP TOYS that we got from Learning Express.

Starting off the list is the Mini and Maxi Scooters from Kickboard USA. These scooters are top of the line quality and super durable. We suggested the maxi to some friends of ours for their 3 year old little boy. He’s 8 now and the scooter is still kicking! On top of that, he shares it with my daughter when they’re on play dates.  This scooter is WELL LOVED!

Why I like Them…

  • As stated above, they’re super durable
  • They have a unique 3 wheel technology that is safer for children than other competitors.
  • The “lean to turn” steering is easy for kids to learn, and makes it more fun, kind of like you’re “surfing the sidewalk.”
  • The color options are fantastic and don’t fade over time.
  • The maxi has an adjustable handle bar that will actually grow with the child.

As you can see, these scooters are awesome! Want more info? Check out a post I did last year on these must have toys from Learning Express! Stay tuned for more of my TOP TOY picks from Learning Express…


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