Life Hacks For Kid Survival – Must Have Toys For The Everyday Parent (Part 3 of 5)

Only One


Only One You by Linda Kranz makes #3 on the list. I don’t really write that much about books at Learning Express (although I really should), but this book is such  a favorite at our house, I had to give it the respect it deserves and put it on my top list of must haves. (See Part 1, Part2) Join a young fish named Adri on his adventure learn some very valuable life lessons some from his mom and dad like “Always be on the lookout for a new friend,” or “appreciate art, it’s all around you!” The fish are all uniquely painted giving the book a very colorful, vibrant look. It’s very inspiring!

Why I like it?

  • It’s super positive and very encouraging for readers.
  • Not only does it give young readers encouragement, it helps me reflect on things as well.
  • The artwork is fantastic. My daughter loves to choose her favorite ones on each page as we read.
  • It’s a great story, and it’s short enough that you don’t get tired of reading it over and over again.

Learning Express not only has Only One You, but the follow up book as well called You Be You. These two books are valuable additions to any home library. This book falls right inline with Learning Express’s mission to make the next generation better, one gift at a time. “There’s only one you in this great big world…”



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