Life Hacks For Kid Survival – Must Have Toys For The Everyday Parent (Part 4 of 5)


RomanoffOne of the best things about Learning Express is our FREE PERSONALIZATION. Number 4 on the list of “Must Haves” are personalized items, especially clip cases and lap trays.

What’s great about these items?

  • Easy to keep artwork organized
  • Great for travel
  • Personalize them with the child’s name to make an extra special gift
  • Comes in lots of vibrant fun colors

We use the lap desk and clipcase almost everyday at our house, Learning Express also has great items like pencil cases, sand buckets, and sparkle totes!

And now with our birthday basket promotion, you can get $4.99 OFF any of these items when you use it as part of the gift wrapping. Click here to learn more!

Give your young artists a gift that will help them stay organized and help your house stay clutter free! (Well…as much as any house with kids can be.) 🙂

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