Lord of The Rings Legos in Durham

The battle for Middle Earth has come to Learning Express! Join Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship as they join forces to defeat the evil Lord Sauron and save Middle Earth. Not to “nerd out” on you or anything, but these are the coolest Legos I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure Tolkien would approve.

We’ve got more sets than the Mines of Moria have goblins. Check out these awesome scenes…

– Gandalf Arrives

– Shelob Attacks

– Battle of Helm’s Deep

– Attack on Weathertop



With Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” coming out later this year, you can bet these sets are going to go quick. Who wouldn’t want to have a Lego Ringwraith? The good news, you don’t have to travel through the mines or over the Misty Mountains to get them. You can just come to Learning Express. 🙂

“One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”



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  1. This is bascially the coolest set of Legos I have ever seen. I would risk traveling to the heart of Fangorn Forest itself if it meant getting a cool Helm’s Deep set for my birthday. 🙂

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