Melissa and Doug To the Rescue


Since I’ve been at Learning Express there have been certain items that we have always carried and always will carry. They may seem boring after you’ve seen them everyday for years and years, and they usually get overlooked next to the “newest” and “greatest” toy of the season, but there’s a reason they are still around.

Melissa and Doug is a very popular brand these days. They have lots of great wooden toys, cool puppets, giant plush animals, and great arts and crafts, but there’s another line from Melissa and Doug that came to the rescue of our family. The Melissa and Doug Sticker and Coloring Pads!

My wife and I recently had our third child (like 2 days ago recently). Haven Titus Sticker PadsWe are so fortunate to have friends and family stop by, and it’s been great to see everybody, but I would like to send a special thanks to our close friends who showed up with a set of sticker pads and coloring books from Melissa and Doug to occupy Big Brother and Big Sister.

These little pads have kept our kids busy for hours while we tend to the new baby. They were the perfect gift to bring. They aren’t too big, the kids can do them by themselves, and they are super colorful.

If you are looking for that little something to bring to a birthday party, or a grandparent looking to occupy some kiddos while Mom and Dad are gone, or you want to bring a little something to a growing family, consider the Melissa and Doug sticker pads and coloring books.

It takes a village to raise a child…and stickers and coloring pads!



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