Nano Blocks!

Micro-sized blocks allow for an unbelievable amount of detail, making realistic 3D creations that fit in the palm of your hand. Ideal for aspiring designers and architects.  We have an AWESOME selection of famous buildings, animals and even a limited-edition Space Shuttle!

Amy, one of Raleigh’s managers, is our resident lover of all things Japanese.  She constructed this nanoblock Kinkaju-ji for us and had a great time doing it.  She raves about nanoblocks:

“I really like the nanoblocks because they are so fun to put together and because the provide a great way to learn about famous landmarks from all over the world.  I enjoyed Legos as a child and I like the fact that nanoblocks are similar but also challenging enough for anyone over age 8.  Plus, they are really cool to display!”

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