NEW Lego Mini Figures (Series 5)


The newest series of the super-popular Lego Mini Figures have just arrived at our stores!  This is a really great release with lots of awesome characters including:

  • Boxer with gloves and sparring helmet
  • Cave Woman with club
  • Detective with magnifying glass
  • Egyptian Queen with snake
  • Evil Dwarf with helmet, shield and battle axe
  • Fitness Instructor with boombox
  • Gangster with pistol and guncase
  • Gladiator with helmet, sword and shield
  • Graduate with diploma and robe
  • Ice Fisherman with fishing pole and fish
  • Lizard Man with dinosaur mask and tail
  • Lumberjack with axe
  • Royal Guard with rifle
  • Small Clown with pie
  • Snowboarder Guy with snowboard
  • Zookeeper with chimp and banana

Series 3 and 4 Mini Figures also in stock!  Come in today and add to your collection!





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