Ogo Sport

A very common question people ask when they come to our stores this time of year is “What’s new?” People are always looking for something a little different so they stop by Learning Express. A wise decision.

Have you seen our newest edition to our Active/Outdoor section? Ogo Sport is the outdoor toy champion this Summer! The 2 discs have a stretchy cloth materiel in the middle that bounces the ball back and forth between players. It can be used in so many different and creative ways…

  • Catch and throw balls up to 150′
  • Acts as a throwing disk by itself
  • Adapts to many sports activities such as volleyball, baseball, and tennis and awesome with water balloons
  • A blast at the beach or pool, and it won’t sink
  • Provides unlimited possibilities for inventive play

This is a staff favorite for sure! Clayton from our…well, we don’t really know what store he’s in today says:

“This is my favorite outdoor toy we’ve had since I’ve been here. It should definitely be on the hit list for every family’s fun outdoor activities this Summer.”

What does it look like in action? Come by and see for yourself! (Be careful, Sam in Cary has been known to bounce a few water balloons at unsuspecting victims). 🙂

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