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(available only in Cary and Raleigh North Hills locations)

Oyo Sports Figures are in at Learning Express, and just in time for FOOTBALL SEASON! What are Oyo Sports Figures? They are awesome “Lego-like” minifigures staring your favorite sports athletes. These awesome collectible figures are great ideas for the sports fan at your house, whether it’s the kids, or even Mom and Dad!

We have lots of NFL Superstars including Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson and more! We even have Sir Purr, the mascot for the Carolina Panthers (who are doing awesome this year). 😉 We also have the Endzone playset so your characters can go head to head on the actual field. BUT, perhaps the COOLEST NFL pack we have is the Superstar blind pack. EVERY PACK comes with a prize, whether it’s another Oyo figure, or even a signed helmet!

More of a college fan? No problem, we’ve got you State fans covered with Mr and Ms Wuf, the Ultimate State Fan, Russell Wilson in a State suit, and more! (What about Carolina, Duke, and ECU??? I know, I know. but right now they don’t make them for those teams. Trust me, when they do, we’ll be on it. Stay tuned.)

Wait…wait…wait…football not your sport? What about Hockey? How many Caniacs do we have out there in Learning Express land? Just for you we’ve got your favorite players like Eric Staal and Cam Ward. We’ve even got Stormy the Mascot!

I could end this with a “Fall into Savings at Learning Express,” but it wouldn’t be nearly as fun as saying “Oyo sports figures are amazing! Start your collection today!”

See, that was much better. Happy shopping!

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