Prism Mist N Sip Water Bottle

Prism Mist Sip Learning Express TealThe Mist N Sip water bottle has been a top seller at Learning Express for years. They are great water bottles that not only quench your thirst, but can also mist water to cool you down! If you’ve been in our stores you’ve probably seen them at the registers. Since you guys love them so much, we’ve decided to expand out line of Mist N Sip products. Introducing the new Mist N Sip Prism by O2 Cool. This stylish water bottle is similar to the older style, but now it comes with a more reinforced  carry loop so you can hang it anywhere, plus a pop up straw! These guys are not only durable, but we’ve got lots of new great colors, too! They make great gifts for soccer teams, birthday parties, or any outdoor events. So stay cool with Mist N Sip Bottles at Learning Express!Prism Mist N Sip Learning Express Purple


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