Series 9 Has Arrived!

Minifigures Series 9

The newest additions to the Lego universe are at Learning Express! Lego has really amped up the fun and whimsy on this set of minifigures. It’s easy to see why these guys are so popular. Who wouldn’t want a guy in a chicken suit for their collection? Or maybe that’s just me…either way, you’ll find someone perfect for you in this series. Check out the full list of characters below:

  • Hollywood Starlet, with award.
  • Roman Emperor, with proclamation.
  • Alien Avenger, with laser gun.
  • Forest Maiden, with arrow and sheild.
  • Plumber, with plunger.
  • Mermaid, with starfish.
  • Battle Mech, with spacesuit and helmet.
  • Roller Derby Girl, with helmet and rollerskates.
  • Waiter, with tray and bottle.
  • Fortune Teller, with tarot cards.
  • Judge, with gavel and wig.
  • Chicken Suit Guy, with a chicken suit!
  • Policeman, with handcuffs and ID badge.
  • Mr. Good and Evil, with a flask of potion.
  • Heroic Knight, with helmet, sword and shield.
  • Cyclops, with club.


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