Speed Stacks


speed-stacks-learning-express“Bro, do you even Stack?” Okay, maybe you haven’t heard anybody say that, but you’ve definitely heard about Speed Stacks. This phenomenon started years ago, and is still going strong. I know what you’re thinking, how do stacking cups fit into an educational toy store model? Well it’s simple. Stacking helps with lots of physical and mental growth.

  • Hand Eye coordination
  • Focus
  • Competitiveness
  • Skill

….just to name a few. Well, what is stacking? The object is to stack your cups in a certain pattern in a certain amount of time. Sounds elementary, but it’s serious business. Kids compete worldwide to be crowned the world stacking champion. Check out one of the fastest cup stackers in the world in the video below. (This kid…OMG he’s fast!)


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