Fidget Spinners

2017 is the year of the Fidget Toy! Learning Express has everything from Fidget Cubes to Fidget Spinners, small puzzles, and lots of little fidgety gifts that you want. Why are they so popular? Research has shown that cognitive learning can be impacted tremendously by fidget stimulation, especially with special needs children or people with ADHD. They are affordable, and appeal to a wide range of ages, from children using them at school, to adults using them at work. Learning Express has a wide variety of fidget toys, including the new fidget cubes, fidget spinners, and some old favorites like the wooden robots, tangle, and more.

As people become more aware of sensory issues, the popularity of these great learning tools will grow. Stop by your local Learning Express today and try them out to see which one will work for you!

Mist N Sips Are a Must Have

The weather is so nice in NC right now! The warm days are back and people are getting outside. One of our must haves for the hot days is the Mist N Sip water bottle. They’re useful not only for a water bottle, but they come with a mister that helps keep you cool when the sun is out. Learning Express has several different styles.

Another “cool” thing is that we can personalize them with your kids name (or yours…😬).

I know we sure could have used them last weekend at our family trip to the zoo! They’re great for

  • Soccer games
  • Zoo
  • Play dates
  • Dance/Gymnastics
  • & lots of other places!

Hurry in, you don’t want to “mists” this opportunity.

Buy Fidgety Block

  • CRAZY Addicting, Fidget Toy great for Ages 5-105
  • Take your Fidgety Block with you EVERYWHERE!
  • Fidgety Blocks have six sides. Each side has a different Fidget
  • 6 sides: Click. Glide. Flip. Breathe. Roll. Spin.
  • Available at all local Learning Express stores with free gift wrapping!
Shop Now! or come to our local Learning Express Toys & Gifts store for best colors and selection