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Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

Thinking-Putty Learning ExpressToys have definitely “evolved” over the last decade. Remember silly putty? Of course the classic silly putty is still around, but have you seen Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty? This stuff is awesome! It’s like silly putty, but it does so many different things…Hyper-color changing, glow in the dark, see through, and some you can even write on with UV rays! Check out some of the awesome styles in the video below, and be sure to stop by Learning Express to pick up some of Crazy Aaron’s thinking Putty today. We’ve got large and small tins available. See you soon!

Not only do we have the individual Thinking Putty, but we also have a kit that allows you to make your own! See the video below!

New 2016 Beanie Boo’s

The new year brings a new release of Beanie Boos! Of course Learning Express will have them in stock. We have the largest Beanie Boo selection in all of North Carolina! There are so many cool boos in this release including Sami the Fish. (my personal favorite…)

2016 Beanie BoosWhich one is your favorite? Be sure to Vote for your favorite Beanie Boo the next time you’re in Learning Express. Find out more about this awesome contest so you can win a FREE Beanie Boo of your choice!


Learning Express Falls Pointe Beanie Boo


Emoji Pillow FinalEmoji’s the word!  The new language of the younger generation, our kids can communicate without ever using words.  Learning Express has joined the conversation and added a new line of emoji pillows and key chains to our mix that make it easy to gift exactly how you feel.  Whether your bestie makes you laugh until you cry, inspires you to be a better person, you think they’re the coolest,  or whatever.  A picture is worth a thousand words:)


Lily and Laura Bracelets

They Never Go Out of Style!

Learning Express Toys

llLily and Laura bracelets are beautiful handcrafted glass beaded jewelry made by women in Nepal. Learning Express has  hundreds of different styles to choose from. Each one is different and unique because they are handmade. They make perfect gifts for Mom, too!  Lily and Laura are “fair trade.” What does that mean? That means that they pay the women in Nepal fair wages for their work, which drastically improves their quality of life.  All of their work is done from the comfort of their own home in Nepal. Come check out our awesome selection of Lily and Laura bracelets at Learning Express today!

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