Weave the Rainbow!

Learning Express is your Rainbow Loom headquarters. We're all about the Rainbow Loom...and it shows! We're currently stocking organizers, loom charms and more to help you loom all summer long, including all 22 colors of refill packs. We’re also offering free classes every Tuesday from 4-5 and 6-7 to teach the latest patterns and styles. … Continue reading Weave the Rainbow!

Rainbow Looms Back in Stock!

Learning Express is your Rainbow Loom  headquarters! We've got everything you need to loom and twist to your heart's content, including the latest refill colors and loom organizers. So what is it? Rainbow Loom is an easy to use kit that makes awesome bracelets, rings and more to trade with friends! Each Rainbow Loom comes with … Continue reading Rainbow Looms Back in Stock!

Twist Band Tuesdays!!!

Rainbow Loom twist bands have caught on in the triangle, and for good reason. These super cool kits come with everything you need to make killer bracelets. Click here for more info on the hottest fashion trend this Christmas. Not only does Learning Express have the largest supply of Rainbow Looms and refill packs in … Continue reading Twist Band Tuesdays!!!