Top 5 Homework Hacks

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Homework is important for students and can have huge benefits also. From mastering problem-solving skills to learning time management, homework can successfully bridge the learning gap between home and school. Trying to tackle homework without a plan can be daunting, defeating and just plain exhausting! These five tips will help you AND your child get the most out of after school studying.

1. Designate a homework spot. Try to minimize distractions and make sure that it’s well lit. If you find that your child prefers to be in their room, don’t rule off letting them study on their bed just yet. Research shows that the best place for a child to do homework is where they can be engaged and attentive. Their bedroom, the dining room…find the best spot for both of you!

2. Schedule a regular homework time. Does your child do best when they do their homework immediately after school? Or is it easier for them to tackle it after playing outside first? Be careful when scheduling a specific time, as some kids may respond better to motivational guidelines, like “No playing with LEGO’s until your homework is done.”

3. It can be hard for parents to see their children struggling with homework and not step in and do it for them. If your child is having a hard time with their school work, sometimes clarifying the assignment can be the helpful nudge they need to move forward. While it’s fine to work with them on organizing their approach to a problem, be cautious of working through the homework problems yourself. Your child will benefit from the trials, errors and accomplishments that homework brings them.

4. Set a timer to go off after a set time, such as 30 or 45 minutes. Kids have an easier time staying on task if they know that it’s for a finite amount of time. If the alarm buzzes and the homework isn’t finished, let your child enjoy a “half-time.” Have a snack, take a break and refresh. Then they will be more ready to tackle the rest of their homework!

5. Use a reward system for completing homework. Visual rewards based systems are very beneficial for children. In many cases, homework reward charts are a valuable tool that positively motivate kids to complete homework on a regular basis.


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