Top 8 Outdoor Yard Games for Summer Fun

foot golf

Longer days and warmer evenings are the perfect time to add some fun and exciting outdoor yard games to your collection. Here are the top eight yard games for summer counted down, perfect for the whole family!

8. Chasing Fireflies

Remember the lazy days of summer, Grandma’s house, a mason jar, and a yard filled with fireflies? Well, this game brings you and your children back to the outdoors chasing fireflies again!

Hide the plastic fireflies either indoors or outside. Each firefly will periodically flash a brilliant blue or green light, temporarily giving away its location. Kids split into groups, running around trying to collect their assigned color. The first child to find all 5 fireflies and capture them in the included plastic jar is the winner. Tons of fun for day or night!

7. Kids Again Quarterback Touchdown

Kids Again took their #1 Amazon Best Selling, Family Choice Award Winning, Creative Kid Award Winning, Quarterback Touchdown Game and made it better!

Families can now play Grand Slam Baseball toss game, just by flipping that target or spinning the frame around. This toss game is extremely light weight and portable. It takes only one minute to assemble! Perfect for the beach, camping, tailgate, basement and more!

6. Bulzi Bucket

Bulzi Bucket – next generation cornhole is bringing hacky sack back to a new level! With three tiers of scoring, partner assists, money bags and collapsible design, Bulzi Bucket brings gaming experience unlike anything on the market. Elevate your party’s tailgate to the next level with the most exciting and interactive yard game available. Bulzi Bucket’s Bullseye toss game attracts competitive play from gamers of all ages and will keep your family entertained for hours!

5. Spikeball

Spikeball is a fun and active 2 on 2 outdoor indoor sports game played on college campuses, tailgates, the lawn, yard, backyard, beach or gym with rules similar to volleyball. Instructions include standard Spikeball rules plus 4 alternative game rules to help get started.

4. Wicket Giant Kick Croquet

Use this Giant Kick Croquet set to turn your yard into a customizable competition field! Build your own croquet court with the included wickets and finish flags. Ages 3+

This soft yet durable ball encourages children to practice their gross motor skills while playing outdoors. Kicking and bouncing the ball will help them to develop coordination as they play with friends and family, building social skills.

3. Footgolf

Try Foot Golf in your backyard. It combines the skills of soccer and golf together to form an exciting new game! This is fun for ALL ages young and old. Play a par 3 or create your own rules for hours of backyard play. This set includes (3) Target holes with flags, a size 1 soccer ball, as well as an inflation pump with needle.

2. ANW Competition Set

It’s time to put your Ninja warrior training to the test with the American Ninja Warrior™ Obstcale Course Kit. From start to finish, this complete 25-piece set allows for dozens of different obstcale course set-ups. No matter the age or skill level, you can create a course and great family fun to match. Great for Ninja birthday parties, family gatherings, or just fun with neighborhood kids.

1. Capture the Flag

Night Zone’s capture the flag is a classic game with a night time twist. Join in the action as red team and blue team try to steal one another’s light-up flag from the light-up base. Watch the bases light up and try not to get tagged!

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