Top Gifts for the Boy who has Everything

top gifts for boys

If you’re looking for great gift ideas for boys, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top gifts for boys.

  • Sling Stix looks like no other toss-and-catch toy. To play, aim the suction cup and grab onto the incoming ball. The soft flexible suction cup head grabs on and holds the ball in place! To throw, simply press the release trigger and give the ball a fling. The lever arm lets you throw for long distances with ease, up to 30 feet! Now you’ve got a futuristic way to play toss and catch and create your own games. This revolutionary product is a true game changer!

How do you play the Pokémon Trading Card Game?

  • Younger kids prefer to just collect and trade cards. The point of collecting the cards is to build a powerful deck of 60 that will help you win battles against other trainers.

What’s the best way to get started playing Pokémon?

  • For kids that don’t have any cards or may have just a couple, a theme deck can be a great start. It is a pack of 60 cards that comes in a small cardboard box. Theme decks also come with a coin and cardboard markers that can be used in gameplay when deciding which player goes first or when counting damage.
  • THE ORIGINAL AND BEST: 512 perfectly crafted miniature magnets meticulously designed for maximum fun. If you’re in need of a desktop distraction, an office status symbol or somewhere to store your nervous energy; we created Speks for you.
  • BUILDABLE, MASHABLE, SMASHABLE: Build, mold, sculpt and engineer endless shapes and satisfying structures. Then mash ‘em all up and start over again! The only limit is your imagination, flex that flux and show us what you can do.
  • SMUSH STRESS, CRUSH ANXIETY: Bring a dose of zen wherever the day takes you. Super portable and delightfully distracting, Speks are perfect for fidgety fingers. From our office of socially awkward award winners to yours, we’ve got chillin’ down.
  • MUCH MORE THAN MAGNETS: A case to carry your calm, a base to support your magnetic masterpiece, a guide to get you goin’ and a handy splitter card for more advanced endeavours are all included with your Speks.
  • This PATENTED Award Winning mysterious magnetic puzzle box transforms into over 70 shapes! With unlimited possibilities!
  • Powered by 36 rare earth magnets. Can you master the shape shifting box?
  • COLLECT &CONNECT multiple Shashibo’s to build larger structures. With its strong internal magnet system you can combine numerous cubes to build even larger shapes, sculptures, and structures. Can you create them all?
  • FREE Fun In Motion Toys App for Iphone and Android with a growing library of Shashibo instructional videos.
  • Fun, Fidgety, STEM/STEAM, Geometric, Magnetic polarity, Therapeutic, Artistic, symmetry
  • Excite young minds with this Snap Circuits Junior 100 Experiments kit. Its 30 pieces and illustrated instructions let kids aged 8 and up learn about the science behind electronics through hands-on projects. The tool-free design of this Snap Circuits Junior 100 Experiments kit ensures assembly and play are fun and easy.

Junior 100 Experiments kit for young scientists

  • Contains more than 100 fun electronic projects that aid in the development of imaginative thinking.

Electronic experiments

  • Allow your kid to construct working electronic circuits and devices.

Over 30 parts to build hands-on projects

  • Include a whistle chip, slide switch, press switch, photoresistor, red diode, 2.5V lamp, battery holder, speaker, music integrated circuit, alarm circuit, space war integrated circuit, motor fan, 100-ohm resistor, jumper wires, and snap wires.
  • ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Introducing Tangle Creations NightBall. It’s the basketball that you can play with any time of day. It doesn’t matter how late you get home or how short the days are getting, play basketball until you’re ready for bed!
  • DO COOL TRICKS: If you thought your basketball tricks were impressive before, just wait until you get a ball that lights up. Do cool tricks in the dark to impress your friends, or make videos for the internet, with the NightBall from Tangle.
  • LIGHTS UP: Don’t worry about the ball going dark on you and getting lost in the night. The NightBall is designed to illuminate both upon impacts or during movement. Each toss, bounce, and roll of the ball triggers the light so you never lose track of it.
  • YOUR FAVORITE SPORT AMPED UP: The ball lights up, but the other players might not. Playing in the dark puts a new spin on your game. You can sneak up on someone and swoop in to steal the ball. They will literally never see you coming until it’s too late!
  • It’s a maze game. It’s a marble game. Actually, it’s a gravity-powered logic maze game that builds reasoning skills and visual perception. The best part is – it’s fun to play and learn! Use the challenge cards to strategically place towers and create a path for your marble to reach the target. With 60 challenges to test your skills, this fun maze game is definitely a marble run for brainiacs!

Nerf N-Strike StratoBow Bow

  • Take aim with the real bow action of the high-capacity StratoBow dart-firing bow! This Nerf N-Strike bow has an integrated 15-dart clip that automatically indexes to the next dart. Fire 15 darts in a row without reloading, and send them blasting through the air up to 85 feet (26 meters). Pull the string back and release it to unleash a dart; the indexing clip will automatically ready the next dart for firing.
  • Skirmishes with soft foam and blaster toys can be one of the most fun ways to spend an afternoon outdoors with friends. It’s also a great way to level the field between kids and adults and still have loads of laughs. (Here’s a little secret: lots of adults play with soft foam and blaster toys, and they even collect them as a hobby.) Foam darts, discs, rockets and balls are launched from soft foam and blaster toys. 

For the best gifts for boys in the Triangle area, visit one of our convenient locations. Our experienced team can help you choose the perfect gift!

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