Top Indoor Games to Beat Winter Blues

Indoor Activities

Don’t let the chilly temps bring you down! These Learning Express games and activities will keep your kiddos entertained without overdoing the screen time. From science kits to arts and magic, there’s something for everyone!

Doink it Darts

Doink it Darts are fun for all ages and skill levels! Learn the game of darts in a way that safe for your house (won’t harm walls or children.) Doink it Darts improve coordination and encourage sportsmanship.


Creating your own design with Aquabeads is easy; simply make, spray, wait ten minutes and peel your creation: the beads stay together! Aquabeads are a fun and creative activity that are kid-friendly and parent-approved. Create animals, desserts, flowers and other unique designs. – the possibilities are endless!


The fun, duck-shaped box is perfect for children and fun for everyone! A great game for children three and older. The chunky pieces are perfect for little hands and the four plastic ducks will even do double duty as bath toys (yes, they float!)

Magic Science Kit for Wizards

The Magic Science Kit for Wizards is perfect for kids who want to master magic! This unique educational kit contains nine activities that teach boys and girls tricks using chemical reactions, which can be applied to future stunts. Kids can create a test tube crystal ball, make a glow-in-the-dark bubbling potion and more!

Clack! Game

Clack is a magnetic stacking board game with constant action – every player plays on every turn! Perfect for ages 5+, Clack is fast paced and easy to learn. Plus, keeping score is easy; just line up the stacks. The tallest tower wins! Clack is a great game for children and fun for everyone!

Blazin’ Moto Robot Transforming Fire Truck

The Blazin’ Moto is a firetruck that transforms into a robot. Drive the fire truck on the ground using the remote control. Then, use the voice-activation feature in the remote control to tell the truck to “TRANSFORM!” Instantly, the truck will become a towering robot! This all terrain transforming fire truck is fun and entertaining for the whole family!


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