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Here at Learning Express, we love LEGO! These colorful bricks build dragons, unicorns, cities and robots. From movie inspired sets to superheros and airplanes, LEGO is the top creative toy for kids and adults alike. Keep reading to get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions and to learn more about these colorful bricks!

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Does LEGO have different versions for different ages?

Yes! LEGO offers multiple levels of play to entertain a wide range of ages and interests. These include LEGO Duplo and LEGO Junior.

LEGO Duplo: Designed for children ages 1 ½ to 5 years old. Duplo bricks are twice the length, height and width of traditional LEGO bricks, making them easier to handle and less likely to be swallowed by younger children. They are compatible with traditional LEGO bricks.
LEGO Junior: Designed for children ages 4 to 7 years old. LEGO Junior acts as a transition from LEGO Duplo to regular LEGOs. LEGO Juniors offers specialized bricks to make build look more realistic while using fewer pieces for an easier build.


What LEGO sets from movies/tv shows do you carry?

We carry a large variety of LEGO sets from popular movies and shows! Children (and adults too!) enjoy building the sets and characters from their favorite films! We are constantly updating our inventory at Learning Express to provide customers with the newest LEGO releases. Movie related LEGO sets include Ninjago Movie, Star Wars, Batman, LEGO Movie, Marvel Superheroes, Jurassic World and Harry Potter.


Do you sell any LEGO tables at Learning Express? Which one do you recommend?

Finding a great table to build and create on is key and we love the Nilo Kids Activity Table! it’s made of solid hardwood with raised borders to keep the LEGOs contained on the table, rather than spilling out onto the floor. The height of the table is key...19”. This ideal height means that your child won’t outgrow them within 2-3 years. It allows comfortable seating for kids to have their legs completely under the table while they are building with LEGOs. We invite you to come in and check out one of these great tables today!


Are there LEGOs that teach computer coding?

LEGO Boost is an innovative platform that turns coding into a game for younger children. Boost uses real LEGOS, creativity and replayability. Learn to code and build LEGO bricks with the LEGO Boost easy-to-learn visual programming app and bricks. LEGO Boost makes it fun to learn coding!

Interested in learning more about LEGO Boost and the benefits of computer coding for kids? Click here:


My family has so many LEGOs. How can we find new ideas for what to build?


Learning Express carries multiple idea books designed to help you create and explore using the awesome collections you already have! The book LEGO Chain Reactions by Klutz lets kids (and adults!) design and build moving machines using bricks from their personal LEGO collections. LEGO lovers will enjoy bringing their minifigures to life with the book Make Your Own Movie! This beginner friendly guide introduces stop-motion animation. Ten ‘Mini Movies’ walk you through using your phone, tablet or computer to make short, funny clips. LEGO ideas -idea book, movie book


Are there girl LEGOs? What are LEGO Friends?


Heartlake City is the home of the fun, quirky, silly and brave LEGO Friends characters Emma, Olivia, Stephanie, Andrea and Mia. They are cool and friendly girls with heart, who help every new friend they meet on their mission to make the world and Heartlake City a nicer place to be. They are all very different. They can be loud, impulsive, goofy, quiet, creative, loving, wild, daring or caring. They sometimes act before they think, but that’s when the real fun happens! LEGO Friends always find a way to reach their goals and to help those in need. Kids will enjoy getting to build houses, shops, playgrounds, hotels and anything they can imagine with the different LEGO Friends sets.


What is the difference between Mega Bloks and Duplo?


Mega Bloks are recommended for children ages 12 months – 5 years. They are brightly colored and a great size for toddler hands. The bricks fit loosely together and make it easy for toddlers to build and destroy block towers and creations. For younger children, under 2 years, the Mega Bloks are easier to use. It is easier for young toddler to take apart the bricks by themselves.
LEGO Duplo are recommended for children ages 18 months – 5 years. They are sturdy and safe for toddlers. The bricks fit together tightly and are better for building taller towers, since the bricks stay together. Because of this, the bricks work better for older builders. Older toddler and preschool age children sometimes become frustrated when Mega Bloks don’t stay together quite as well.


Why do my kids keep knocking down the LEGO tower??

If you’ve ever built a tower of LEGO® DUPLO® bricks with your toddler then you’ve probably noticed that they love knocking it all down, delighted by the sight of the bricks falling to the ground. While it might seem like your little one is just making a mess, your child is actually experimenting and learning from this activity.

  1. They are learning about their senses
    For your little one, pushing a tower of bricks over stimulates three senses at the same time; sight, touch and hearing. While building together you can encourage your toddler to experiment more: does the tower make the same noise falling on a carpet as it does on a wooden floor? If I rebuild it another way, will it feel the same? If I drop two bricks together will that make a cool sound?
  2. Your child is becoming more self-assured
    Young toddler may find it difficult to stack two bricks together. For the moment, they are comforting themselves with easy tasks, such as knocking a tower down. This reassurance and self-confidence will eventually help them to do more difficult tasks as they grow up.
  3. They are learning about gravity
    Children discover many different concepts, including early maths, physics and geometry. All of this comes from figuring out the shape, weight, size and stability of a brick!
  4. Your toddler is beginning to understand cause and effect
    When you see your little one knocking over a tower of bricks they are demonstrating their power over the world around them. Through knocking down towers your child is essentially starting to learn about cause and effect; they are the (powerful) cause and the (noisy, superb) collapse is the effect. Posing questions such as “Do you think this stack will stay balanced?” or “What will happen if you put the house on the bumpy spot in the carpet?” can get your little scientist experimenting.
  5.  Your child is learning about collaboration (with your help)
    Learning to play WITH somebody else is something children learn little by little. Stacking bricks for your child to knock down can be a simple introduction to playing together: you build, they destroy, and at the very centre of this, you are building… your relationship, as partners in play.

Want to read more about how children learn by playing with LEGOs? (


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