Walk on the Wild Side!

Assorted Webkinz

Welcome to the wild world of Webkinz! With Webkinz, you can adopt your new pal, in real life and online! Webkinz are a line of plush animals from Aardvarks to Zebras (and everything in between). So how does it work? Each Webkinz animal comes with an unique code that allows you to adopt it online at There, you can name your pet, redecorate his/her room and earn KinzCash to buy your pet different outfits and goodies. A variety of family friendly arcade games, puzzles and trivia are also available for all age groups, starting with 5+. Check it out:

  • Different lines and styles available, including Webkinz, Lil’Kinz and Webkinz Signature and Nakamas (Durham only).
  • Online content starts at 5+, but make sure to ask an adult before logging on!

Make sure to fly, crawl or swim by today!

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