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If your family is anything like mine, you’re glad to see the warm weather. From bike rides and playgrounds, to lemonade and strawberry farms, early Summer in Raleigh/Durham is SO much fun! I just thought I’d share a few of my family’s top warm weather Learning Express toys this year. 
1. Bubbles – Bubbles of any kind really, but the oversized bubble wands at Learning Express are easy to use, and believe it or not, are less messy. 

2. Critter Case – My kids are drawn to bugs. I mean any and every kind! We have to have something to keep them in, and the critter case does the job!

3. Stomp Rockets – These guys are always such a great seller for us at Learning Express. They’re easy to set up, durable, and just all around fun! (Tip: Set up your rockets at the other end of the yard and have races. The winner runs over the rocket launcher and shoots it off!)

4. Sidewalk Chalk – Do I really even need to say why this is awesome??? Our driveway is pretty much a work of art all the time!

5. Buckets – I know, weird right? Well, I put buckets on the list because my kids love to collect things. Bugs, strawberries (not at the same time), rocks, dirt, etc. The cool thing is, Learning Express can personalize buckets for you. Something to collect your favorite treasures in, AND it has your name on it! Kids love it!

That’s just a few of my family’s favorite toys at Learning Express. Hope you enjoyed the list! What does your family like? Comment below!

Tangle Night Disk

This year Learning Express has a ton of new fun Summer stuff. One of our new favorites is the Tangle Night Disk. It’s just like the Tangle Football, but it’s a frisbee! Why do we like it?

  • Easy for kids to grip.
  • Lights up when you throw it.
  • Looks awesome at night time.
  • Perfect for backyard parties.

Check out the Night Disk in action and stop by Learning Express to grab one for your next backyard get together!

New Beanie Boos Spring 2016


Our new Beanie Boos for Spring 2016 have arrived at Learning Express!


  • Dotty the Leopard
  • Tracey the Black Dog
  • Kiki the Kitty
  • Precious the Pink Pup

Which one is your favorite? Why choose, get them all!😉 Enter into our Vote Boo contest for a chance to win your favorite!

Stop by Learning Express today to see these awesome new cuddly Beanie Boos!

Ogo Sport Disks

Ogo Sport Kids Learning ExpressThank goodness the warm weather is back! No more hiding inside, trying to find out what craft we can do next, or when story time is at the library, or when you’re going to the museum. Get those kids OUTDOORS! Learning Express the place to go for some really cool outdoor toys and gifts that will have everybody in your neighborhood saying, “Hey where did you get that?”😉

This week we want to highlight the Ogo Sport Double Disk. This is a classic outdoor toy at Learning Express. You get 2 disks that bounce a little “koosh ball” back and forth. Just think “hand trampoline.”

Why We Like It

  • Easy for All Ages
  • Teaches Hand Eye Coordination
  • Multi Player
  • Can be used as a frisbee
  • Can be used in the pool or the backyard

See, I told you, the Ogo Sport is an awesome addition to your outside arsenal of goodies. Stop by Learning Express and try it out today! We’ve always got a demo available to play with!

Ogo Sport Pool Learning Express


Cary, Raleigh, Durham – NC


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